December 13, 2012

Ideas and Prosceniums

pro·sce·ni·um  pr-sn-m

1. The area of a modern theater that is located between the curtain and the orchestra.
2. The stage of an ancient theater, located between the background and the orchestra.
3. A proscenium arch.

It started back in November.

I was asked to come up with a poster for a historic dance academy. The poster was to be based on a Nutcracker theme.

I'd never drawn a nutcracker.

After closely examining a few photos on the web, I sat down to work. Should his hair be combed or bushy? What color should his clothing be? The outcome was simple, yet colorful:

My posters were hung in the windows of the dance academy. 

It would have stopped there. 

But visions of Clara and the nutcracker danced in my head. What if I drew an even more detailed nutcracker? And an image of Clara? I could see the scene in my head . . . where I imagined how my characters would look . . . in the dance academy. My daughter took one look at me and knew. I was getting one of my crazy ideas. My crazy ideas are legendary for being crazy. Time consuming, yet needing to happen in a short amount of time. They make everyone around me crazy as the house gets neglected and to-go boxes pile up in the kitchen. I usually wear my brown ball cap because somehow I don't have time to shower. Yes, my crazy ideas consume me.  

I started drawing another nutcracker. Mice. Clara, who needed a shimmering pink dress. A tree with lit candles, candy canes, detailed gingerbread men, candies, stars, beads. Of course there had to be a grandfather clock decked out with holly and berries, a bright red bow on top. And what would the scene be with out a fireplace? The mantel bedecked with more holly and berries and a lit candle of its own. Gifts and fire in the fireplace. As the scene grew in my head and on paper, I realized I needed something to frame it all. Contain all my ideas in their own unique area. The answer?

A proscenium.

I couldn't even pronounce the word at first. All I knew was that it was the arch at the front of a stage . . . and I needed one. And I needed it to be sixteen feet long by ten feet tall . . . because I needed my characters to be life sized . . .

More to come . . .


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