December 29, 2012

December 21, 2012

I'm honored to have been asked to illustrate
a very special picture book dedicated
to the children of Sandy Hook.

Love, Hugs, and Hope: When Scary Things Happen

will be published by Familius.

December 20, 2012


The Nutcracker scene is finished!

So great to see everything come together. Sincere thanks to everyone for their help and support.

December 17, 2012

On paper . . .

Here's how the characters from
my Nutcracker Ballet scene appear on paper. 
The tree will be seven feet tall, the clock six, Clara five.
The proscenium itself is 16 feet wide by 10 feet tall.
Scott, the printer, is right now in the process of blowing 
everything up full size. That means he's digitized
the original drawings and is preparing 
to print them full color on vinyl.
The vinyl will be applied to wooden 
cut outs that have been
created from melamine . . . . 

December 13, 2012

Ideas and Prosceniums

pro·sce·ni·um  pr-sn-m

1. The area of a modern theater that is located between the curtain and the orchestra.
2. The stage of an ancient theater, located between the background and the orchestra.
3. A proscenium arch.

It started back in November.

I was asked to come up with a poster for a historic dance academy. The poster was to be based on a Nutcracker theme.

I'd never drawn a nutcracker.

After closely examining a few photos on the web, I sat down to work. Should his hair be combed or bushy? What color should his clothing be? The outcome was simple, yet colorful:

My posters were hung in the windows of the dance academy. 

It would have stopped there. 

But visions of Clara and the nutcracker danced in my head. What if I drew an even more detailed nutcracker? And an image of Clara? I could see the scene in my head . . . where I imagined how my characters would look . . . in the dance academy. My daughter took one look at me and knew. I was getting one of my crazy ideas. My crazy ideas are legendary for being crazy. Time consuming, yet needing to happen in a short amount of time. They make everyone around me crazy as the house gets neglected and to-go boxes pile up in the kitchen. I usually wear my brown ball cap because somehow I don't have time to shower. Yes, my crazy ideas consume me.  

I started drawing another nutcracker. Mice. Clara, who needed a shimmering pink dress. A tree with lit candles, candy canes, detailed gingerbread men, candies, stars, beads. Of course there had to be a grandfather clock decked out with holly and berries, a bright red bow on top. And what would the scene be with out a fireplace? The mantel bedecked with more holly and berries and a lit candle of its own. Gifts and fire in the fireplace. As the scene grew in my head and on paper, I realized I needed something to frame it all. Contain all my ideas in their own unique area. The answer?

A proscenium.

I couldn't even pronounce the word at first. All I knew was that it was the arch at the front of a stage . . . and I needed one. And I needed it to be sixteen feet long by ten feet tall . . . because I needed my characters to be life sized . . .

More to come . . .


The Nutcracker Printables 1 through 3 are now on Etsy! Click on the tabs below: