April 11, 2013

The Goodness of Others . . .

Back in March I had a difficult day. Doubt and fear loomed. There were some important decisions I needed to make. Like about keeping my chin up and pressing on instead of feeling sorry for myself. Right when I least expected there was much awesomeness on the immediate horizon, a lady with a smile reminded me miracles abound. A total stranger, she treated me to
a slice of birthday cake--my own. That she bought for me. Even though we were strangers. Her kindness and compassion, radiant smile, and warm demeanor gave me courage. She rekindled my belief in the inherent goodness of others.

Today, I'm remembering her. It's been a great adventure these past two weeks getting to know people from across the country and discussing their love of family, home, and food. Though I can't see their faces during our Internet conversations, I have felt their kindness. I've made new friends who have made heartfelt impressions I'll carry for a lifetime. And once again I'm reminded that the inherent goodness of others is pure . . . awesomeness.