April 15, 2013

Saturday and The Food Nanny

Top ten things I hoped/told my family wouldn't/not to tell The Food Nanny:

10. That we eat out a lot.

9. That the dinner hour here is often closer to bedtime than dinnertime.

8. That a hot breakfast at our house is not an everyday thing . . . or even an every other day thing.

7. That if they told her numbers eight through ten, she wouldn't believe it if they told her I have a cookbook coming out.

6. That I have a cookbook coming out.

5. About the time our son made grilled cheese and the house filled with smoke . . . and the smoke alarms went off . . . right as I walked into the house with an author friend from out of town . . . who I really wanted to impress. I don't think she was impressed--were you, Patricia?

4. About the peach meatloaf. Don't ask . . .

3. That I once accidentally set a clock on fire.

2. That I once accidentally set a can opener on fire.

1. Why my husband became a firefighter . . .

As it turned out, the vivacious Liz Emunds, aka The Food Nanny, was as gracious and kind in person as she is on TV. I have to say I'm impressed with her book The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner. Following her advice, last night we made a two-week meal plan. It was simple and easy and manageable enough any of us here can now tackle dinnertime. Fast food isn't even on the horizon.

I'll give you a week's end report to let you know how we did.