April 15, 2013

Saturday and The Food Nanny

Top ten things I hoped/told my family wouldn't/not to tell The Food Nanny:

10. That we eat out a lot.

9. That the dinner hour here is often closer to bedtime than dinnertime.

8. That a hot breakfast at our house is not an everyday thing . . . or even an every other day thing.

7. That if they told her numbers eight through ten, she wouldn't believe it if they told her I have a cookbook coming out.

6. That I have a cookbook coming out.

5. About the time our son made grilled cheese and the house filled with smoke . . . and the smoke alarms went off . . . right as I walked into the house with an author friend from out of town . . . who I really wanted to impress. I don't think she was impressed--were you, Patricia?

4. About the peach meatloaf. Don't ask . . .

3. That I once accidentally set a clock on fire.

2. That I once accidentally set a can opener on fire.

1. Why my husband became a firefighter . . .

As it turned out, the vivacious Liz Emunds, aka The Food Nanny, was as gracious and kind in person as she is on TV. I have to say I'm impressed with her book The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner. Following her advice, last night we made a two-week meal plan. It was simple and easy and manageable enough any of us here can now tackle dinnertime. Fast food isn't even on the horizon.

I'll give you a week's end report to let you know how we did. 


Donna K. Weaver said...

Fun post, Lori. When my kids were home I cooked every night but Friday nights. It's different now there's just hubby and I, and he's retired and home all day.

Lori said...

Thanks, Donna! Even when we don't have many family members around for dinner, we like to make lots and take it to neighbors and friends. Lots of fun!

All best to you!