November 9, 2013

Sharing Memories . . .

A twinkle in his eyes; 
bright blue, sparkling with excitement, 
they danced along with his words. 

Waltz of adventure captured in treasured memory. 

Daring of youth still blazing in his soul, 
Grandpa recounted stories from a land of winter white. 

His ingenious crafts––snowplanes––transported him over ice and snow. 

Wonderlands of ice encrusted trees. Fresh, new trails blazed 
through glades and over hills. Frozen lakes were his playground. 
Sun overhead, wind on his face, thoughts of danger 
dismissed in favor of the joy of true living.

Grandpa's memories captivated me mind and soul.

They dance in me now, a tango of yearning. My own adventures await.

Today, share treasured memories with someone you love. 

Tell them of your gratitude for time passed, 
for memories made and lessons learned, 
and for memories yet to be created.