November 28, 2013

A Turkey for You!

Over on Familius I share my thoughts about my Aunt Agnes (please click here to read). She was a great blessing in my life--I didn't even realize it until I "saw" her with my heart.

And I drew a turkey just for you! Happy Thanksgiving and much love ~lori

November 23, 2013

Thanks Ogden Deseret Book!

Sincere thanks downtown Ogden Deseret Book--
I had a great time signing Fill Your Day With Hope there this morning!

November 21, 2013

November 15, 2013

Simple Things . . .

The cover for my forthcoming book Simple Things due out soon!

November 9, 2013

Sharing Memories . . .

A twinkle in his eyes; 
bright blue, sparkling with excitement, 
they danced along with his words. 

Waltz of adventure captured in treasured memory. 

Daring of youth still blazing in his soul, 
Grandpa recounted stories from a land of winter white. 

His ingenious crafts––snowplanes––transported him over ice and snow. 

Wonderlands of ice encrusted trees. Fresh, new trails blazed 
through glades and over hills. Frozen lakes were his playground. 
Sun overhead, wind on his face, thoughts of danger 
dismissed in favor of the joy of true living.

Grandpa's memories captivated me mind and soul.

They dance in me now, a tango of yearning. My own adventures await.

Today, share treasured memories with someone you love. 

Tell them of your gratitude for time passed, 
for memories made and lessons learned, 
and for memories yet to be created. 

November 8, 2013

November Baking

Misty rays of soft golden sunshine filter into the valley.
The kitchen is warm and cozy.

November always brings me back to baking.

Perfecting my scones, trying a new recipe for quiche; 
using up a harvest of Bartlett and Bosh pears.

The dogs are still half asleep when marriages of 
pear and candied ginger, sausages and eggs, 
Parmesan and butter mingle to fill the kitchen with 
the gift of their softly sweet and pleasantly savory aromas.


Maybe a bit more cheese, but the quiche is light and airy

Two kinds of scones adorn the counter, waiting to be dunked in creamy milk,
 steaming cups of cider or hot chocolate. 

And I remember why I love November baking.

November 7, 2013

Simple Things

The sky outside my window is brooding and gray; seemingly intent on delivering another storm, yet not having made up its mind when.

Fall leaves in muted tones of yellow hang heavy on the poplar trees. It's as though each leaf must convince itself the effort of hanging on is worth the time.

Should I give up and let go? 

Should I give in and flutter in defeat to the ground below?

Not many years ago, I felt I couldn't hold on another minute.

It took concentrated, painstaking effort to cling to each day.The winds of adversity were too bitter. The rains of disappointment too frequent. Fear of failure battered me like hail. Mind and body, I was battle weary. My hands were tired. My heart ached. What was the point?

I had to make a choice.

I prayed.

And I wrote a book.

Nearly three years in the making--writing through soul-searching and tears, wanting to quit then taking up courage to press on, writing, rewriting and revising, rounds of edits, more courage--and Simple Things will finally be released in a few weeks.

Those leaves outside my window will soon all fall to the ground. Once verdant green bounty yellowed, each leaf knocked down by wind, rain, hail, and time, will the tree have failed in its trying?

As long as there is life there is hope; a promise of spring waiting to be discovered in the simple things we say and do each day.


What Home Is

November 4, 2013

In November our hearts turn to gratitude. 

How can we best model thankfulness to our children?

 In my most recent article for Familius, I reveal 
what I learned from my grandmother's example. 

To read the story,  please click on the photo.

November 1, 2013

Thanks Brooke Walker and Studio 5. It was fun to to talk about Peachy and make Harvest Trifle!!!