January 23, 2014

Got Wonderful?

In this day of  high tech communication, we can get lost.

Yes, lost.

Text messaging. Email. Chat. Social media.
There are more ways to communicate than ever before.
But all too often they offer only a means of superficial communication, 
 . . . and a means of busyness.

The word busy is defined by active and attentive engagement in work or a pastime--
yet busyness is characterized by meaningless activity.

Technological busyness helps us feel like we're always in control.
But the reality is that it can occupy us to the extent 
we lose sight of life's most precious and important elements.

Like the wonder of ourselves.

Validation from outside sources is fleeting.
When we slow the flow of social media consumption and superficial communication
and again listen to our own heart and intuition

--get to know ourselves again--

we gain time to seek and discover the inherent value within us:
power and wonder that will lift and sustain us as we pursue our goals and dreams.