January 18, 2014

Renewed Hope

Since I first asked last year what gives you hope/what hope means to you, many of you have sent letters and emails that have truly touched my heart. For some of you, hope is found in the smile of a child--knowing that something of you will live on in them and in generations to come. For some of you it's in the recognition of your talents and potential and the myriad opportunities that are ahead as you strive for your dreams. For others hope is anchored on God, the faith He will uplift and sustain you as you nourish your relationship with Him; still others hope to know He is mindful of them and seek reassurance of His hand in their lives. 

For me hope is a mix of all these things and more. I love that each morning when we arise our hope can begin anew. Whatever has happened the previous day, week, or year doesn't matter. If others have hurt us, if we've made mistakes, even if we've been bereft of hope, we have another shot at it. The gift hope gives us is that it lets us pick up the pieces of the past and make something beautiful for the future

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Much love,