September 24, 2014

A World Without Bullying?

This past several weeks, on Facebook as well as other social media, I've read many posts, quotes, and thoughts about bullying -- and what people believe defines it. Some seem to believe it's merely a rite of passage we all must live with. And that we should tell those who have been bullied to "get over it."

I disagree. 

Whether it's schoolyard bullying, a child or group of children intentionally being mean to another child (or teacher), a husband or father (or wife or mother) who consistently runs down his or her spouse or family with rude or demeaning comments, a parent who consciously berates their child, a neighbor who misconstrues a situation and seeks revenge, or total stranger who takes out his anger on someone else, bullying shouldn't be something we turn our back on. We need to teach our families that it isn't right. And teach that even when we're bullied, it isn't acceptable to bully in return.

What do you think? Is bullying merely a rite of passage we have to put up with? Or is there a way to turn the tide?

As in all things that impact our relationships with others, the best place to start is within ourselves

Ensure we're not contributing to the problem by letting our emotions rule our actions. Sure, there's always someone who's going to hurt or offend us -- intentionally or unintentionally -- that's a certainty. But we can choose our response; each choice to love and forgive helps forge a habit of kindness. Each kindness we extend has the potential to diminish anger and hurt. And the potential power to turn the tide and extinguish bullying. 

A world without bullying? 

It may loom as a monumental undertaking, but it's one well worth pursuing.