September 21, 2014

Living in Joy - A Joy Jar

A few years ago my youngest painted a salsa jar, put a few slips of paper inside, and gave it to me as a gift. 

It was, she explained, a simple way to celebrate our favorite memories.

As our time permitted, we jotted down simple details of  special moments. It was amazing to me that only a few times doing so helped me begin to look for the good in each day. 

Even when I didn't have time to write something on one of the slips of paper, I formed the habit of sorting each day's good from the not so good. And even when times were downright miserable, challenging, or heartbreaking, in consciously looking for something -- anything -- joyous, I miraculously found it.  

Making a Joy Jar is indeed a wonderful way to remember blessings and wonder, happiness and all that's good in the world. You can make them as a family, have your kids make them for friends or neighbors, or just keep one to savor for yourself.

Would you like to create your own joy jar? Any jar will do, large or small. Get as creative as you like, or keep it simple.

To help get you started, I've created a Joy Jar tag. The free printable is here. It includes five shapes you can cut out and use to record your joys on. Print as many as you like -- both the tags and the shapes. Enjoy them, share them, celebrate living in joy!