November 7, 2014

Angels . . .

After Nicole's passing last week, I started thinking about my friend Stacey. Stacey battled leukemia for several years before dying in 2007. I spent a lot of time with her during her final days. At that time, I gave much thought to her example of courage and strength. I saw her as an angel on earth -- someone who taught me great lessons about life and living.

I drew a Stacey Angel.

A few days later, when Stacey died, I drew two more angels to make a set of three: Faith, Hope, and Charity. By the following year, I'd written a book based on my experiences drawing those angels. And about my Grandma Esther who died Christmas Day 2006 -- and my grandfather who followed her only five days later.

The booklet was titled Three Angels For Christmas (now out of print).

Two days ago, thinking of heroes like Nicole, Stacey, and my grandparents, I decided to draw a few more angels. Christmas ornament angels. And I've made a lofty goal (just now) of drawing one a day until Christmas.

And I've decided to put them in my Etsy shop for a limited time for those who want to remember their heroes this Christmas...