December 2, 2014

A Christmas Planner!

"As we do the hard work of time management, we come to understand that we cannot do everything that we want to do . . . we must learn to make wise choices." ~ Marilyn Paul

The holidays are upon us!

Rush here. Rush there. Food to cook. Food to eat. Don't forget the lights. The cards. The candles. Clean the house. The list seems to stretch on and on.

But where to start when to-dos and obligations begin falling like snow and accumulating faster than you can shovel a clear path?

A Christmas planner!

Use a calender page, or print a calender from the Internet, and tape it to the inside front cover of a spiral notebook.

Opposite the calendar on the first pages of the notebook, list and prioritize want-tos, need-tos, and feel-pressure-if-you-dont's. Color code your activities to provide a quick visual assessment. Use red for activities that make you feel stress or pressure. If many reds begin to appear, reassess your schedule and objectives and shoot for balance in how you'd truly like to celebrate the season.

Create basic sections for your planner based on your needs: budget, gift and food shopping lists, card recipient list, etc. Cut a sticky note into strips; use the strips as tab dividers at the front of each section..

Don't let yourself feel pressured into deviating from your schedule. Plan ahead and leave days open with unscheduled time slots when you can complete forgotten shopping or attend to other details. If something doesn't come up to fill those days, enjoy the time off!

Make your Christmas planner spunky and fun. Decorate it with a few paper cuts or some spritzy white glitter. To get you started, we've got a free printable! You can get more digital Christmas clip art for all your projects here on Etsy.