March 25, 2014

Artists Need to Stick Together

I've never met a door-to-door artist . . . until last week.

With a handful of her own original work--and a willing sister to help
collect money--this budding entrepreneur showed up and offered me a deal I couldn't refuse.

You see she's been making prints on her home computer. Since I love dogs, this one caught my eye.

She was asking one dollar. Unfortunately, I didn't have that amount readily available--
and she doesn't take credits cards. Luckily she was in the mood to strike a deal. 

Eighty-five cents later and  the dog print was mine. 

The artist was quick to inform me that it's her policy policy NOT to sell her originals. 

Those are sold exclusively to her grandmother. 

It was fun to get a new print, and to chat with this talented young girl.
We artists have to stick together. The dog print now has a prominent place in my office; 
he's good company for the dogs I'm working on for a new project.

March 14, 2014

Mistakes Don't Define Us

Condemning ourselves and labeling ourselves as worthless or not good enough damages 
our self-worth, spiritual growth, and progression. Dwelling on our shortcomings is 
a fast track to misery. If, however, we look for our strengths and talents we will find them.

Mistakes  are temporary actions that don't define us.

Forgiving ourselves and moving forward will
lead us to our true identity of 
promise and potential.

March 5, 2014

Learning and Growing

We're often our own harshest critics. How can we love and forgive ourselves? An experience with a woman who was berating herself gave me the opportunity to reconsider the way I react to my own perceived shortcomings. Please click on the photo below to read more.

Loving ourselves for who we are: There's no need to apologize