January 5, 2015

January 5 - Seeking and Discerning Answers to Prayer

In the poem "Lord, We Know That Thou Art Near,"
 English poetess Jane Fox Crewdson (1808-1863) wrote about unanswered prayers:

Many, many times I've commiserated over what I thought were unanswered prayers.

I wondered why God didn't realize how much I needed help.

Over time I discovered, however, that there was something more important
than Him supplying me with what I wanted when I wanted it:
the potential He provided me.

My struggles with faith and circumstance helped me to learn and grow.

Just because we don't readily obtain answers doesn't mean God has abandoned us. 

He is able to clearly ascertain what we require in order to help us 
cultivate resolve and strength of character and integrity, 
a belief in our own abilities that will help us be the best we can be.

He allows us the privilege of problem solving.

As Jane wrote:

"Weaving blessings out of trials . . . answering prayer by wise denials."