October 23, 2017


When my Uncle disappeared on October 11, I felt my heart sink. I felt panic; I felt fear. Those emotions cascaded into guilt--why couldn't I have helped more? Why couldn't I have helped bring him home alive?

Through the course of the coming week, however, through the examples of others, prayers lifted heavenward and hearts knit in unity, I remembered . . . hope.

The dictionary defines hope as, "The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best."

At first it seemed that nothing turned out for the best--my uncle did not live to continue his mortal life. Yet miraculously my heart opened to the fact that somehow, someway, things indeed turned out for the best. Not, perhaps, an earthly mortal-desire best, but a higher best. A this-has-God's-hand-in-it best. A God-hasn't-forgotten-my-uncle-or-us best. A best that healed and comforted; a best that yielded miracles.

Hope, I was gently reminded, has been a life-giving verb in my life. Making it possible for me to live each day looking forward--heavenward--with a least a modicum of confidence the best will be discovered.

Hope against hope, to continue to hope, although the outlook does not warrant it.

Even when I haven't been able to have faith in others, or often not in myself, hope has stepped in and carried me onward. And as I look back, the best--often many higher bests--were mercifully attained.

Over a decade ago, when my grandparents and friend Stacey died, I felt a great need to draw my angels--Faith, Hope, and Charity--winged female figures who I shared with those in need. One of them--a female HOPE angel--is on the pages of the book I illustrated for the survivors of the Sandy Hook tragedy. I am so deeply grateful for the comfort I've been told she has brought to those seeking hope for a better world, hope for a better tomorrow . . . hope in seeking the goodness we all so desperately need in our lives.

I've often thought of angels as female figures, but with the passing of my uncle I realized angels are male figures as well. I needed one to remind me of my uncle...and, yet again, of hope and how vital it is.

I offer this angel with love to anyone who needs to feel the light of hope. You have my permission to  share it on social media with friends and family and even strangers, or print it out for yourself or someone in need. All I ask is that you give it freely just as I'm giving it to you and that it not be used for commercial purposes. You can copy and print it from my Free Printables Page.

Love and all best to you,