January 23, 2018

A Forgiveness Angel...

Others can injure us emotionally and physically with rude comments, manipulative behavior, and abuse. As we realize that others are responsible for their own happiness and we are responsible for our own, we may need to reexamine or leave a relationship.
What then? Do we walk through life with our guard up, determined to never be hurt again?
If so we’re missing out on a lot. We distance ourselves from opportunities to know good and loving people. Not hardening our hearts comes through extending forgiveness. If we harbor ill feelings, if we extend any measure of energy to carry a grudge, those feelings will grow over time and hostility may settle on us like a dark, impenetrable cloud.
Forgiveness doesn’t mean acceptance or a return to mistreatment. There will always be those who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. The question is what can we do to assume responsibility for the choice we have to forgive.