January 26, 2018

Keep Rowing!

Life can be just plain hard.
Demands on your time. Trials of hearth and home. Friends who aren’t always friendly. Peers who are judgmental, even cruel. Your innermost fears, weaknesses and deficits, multiplied by the concern of how others perceive you. Giving up sanity and sleep for mothering and meetings and mayhem—all while trying to be your best self. Mixed emotions and weariness over parenting, relationships, friendships. Money and health worries and woes. Days that go bytoo fast or too slow. Dreams and aspirations you’ve put on hold. Feeling you’ll never measure up.
Life can be just plain exhausting.
But keep going.
Over the past two decades I’ve had many friends—friends of all ages—who’ve felt so downtrodden, so very sad and alone that they thought life wasn’t worth living anymore. I miss them with every fiber of my being! I miss their smiles. I miss their laughter. I miss all they contributed to making the world a better place—even though they themselves perceived they were of no worth.
My heart aches because I never let them know how much they meant to me; how vital and important they really were. I never did because I too have sometimes felt I have no worth and that my words don’t really matter. I never told them . . .
But I’m telling you.
You are wonderful, unique, amazing—remarkable in your abilities and your capacity to touch hearts and lives for the better. The gift of a smile, the gift of a kind word is absolutely priceless. You have unlimited worth and potential. Don’t let anyone else ever tell you otherwise!
I know life is hard. But, do this for me: Keep Rowing!
Love and hugs! ~Lori