January 2, 2018

New Year...New Adventures!

Have you heard the story of the old Chinese woman who owned two large ceramic pots? The pots hung at the ends of a pole she carried on her shoulders. Every day she traveled to a stream for water. While one pot consistently carried its full measure, the other pot was cracked. Each time the woman returned home, it was only half full.
For years the woman made the trek to the stream. The perfect pot never failed to bear its load. The cracked pot was embarrassed of its imperfection, unhappy it was able to do only half of what the other pot did. Ashamed of its perceived failure, it confessed its sense of worthlessness to the woman. She, however, didn’t view the pot as less valuable.
“Did you see the flowers on your side of the path? There are no flowers on other pot’s side. I knew of your flaw, and so I planted flower seeds on your side of the path. Every day while I walk back you water them. Because of you being the way you are, I have beautiful flowers.”
Like the cracked pot, we all have imperfections. It’s those imperfections—those flaws—which make us unique. Often we find the good in others but overlook it in ourselves. We may perceive the lives of those around us as worthwhile, interesting, and admirable. Yet we view our own lives and selves as far less.
In this New Year, may you embark on the adventure of seeing yourself as full of promise and beauty with unique characteristics and skills that can enrich your life and the lives of all who have the blessing of knowing you.
Happy New Year!