January 12, 2018

Living in Joy: Savor the Moment

When did we start taking joy for granted? 

Was it when we grew up and decided we needed to act a certain way 
to meet the expectations of others? Was it when we stopped looking 
at the bright side because the glare was too intense? 
Was it when we stopped doing things that brought us delight
 because we felt we didn’t deserve to be happy? 

How did the joy of plain and simple moments get lost?

Watch a young child eat an ice cream cone. Their eyes wide with excitement. 
A grin punctuated by sweet, creamy goodness that runs down their chin. 
They don’t care if their faces and hands—or your kitchen floor—get sticky. 
The very picture of rapture, they savor the moment.

We get so caught up in sprinting toward the future where we hope 
happiness can be found we forget the present used to be the future. 
There is joy waiting in every day. Eat your meals slowly; relish the taste. 
Feel the warmth of water on your hands and face. Watch the bubbles form when you lather bath soap or dish soap. Put your hand on your stomach and feel yourself breathe.
Be aware of the comfort of the pillow under your head, the softness of the 
blanket that covers you, the crisp touch of fresh, clean sheets. 
Close your eyes and listen to the voices and laughter of your loved ones. 
Breathe in the sweet smells of babies and newborn puppies, flowers and food, 
the scent of rain and the mouthwatering aromas from the bakery.

Practice living in the moment. Savor it as the blessing it is. 
Glean joy and experience the thrill of letting it flow through you.