Some people experience emotional pain and distress because they feel like they don't belong, or that they don't have a place or purpose in the world. Others feel they can never be loved for who they really are. Some may think they'll never measure up to the expectations of others--so why try? 

To one degree or another, I've experienced all these emotions. I know from personal experience that often the judgments and opinions of people around us can convince us to live far beneath our abilities. I'm grateful for those who have served as guides, mentors, and friends to me, helping me through my life's journey from shadows to sunlight: from debilitating self-doubt to faith in myself, from fear to hope, and from sadness to joy. Now it is my mission to help others recognize their own unique strengths and abilities, and overcome adversity to live full and happy lives. 

No matter your age or your background, your economic or social media status, no matter your weight, height, or physical appearance, happiness and joy are yours for the choosing. 

Come dance with me in the sun!

Much love,