Praise for Simple Things

"Simple Things is filled with wisdom for women of all ages. It's fun to read, bursting with suggestions to bless every day of your life. The bonus of recipes at the end of each chapter put a big smile on my face. This book is a delightful combination of the very things busy women need to enrich their lives." —Joy Lundberg, lyricist and co-author of I Don't Have to Make Everything All Better

"This is truly a beautiful book! So inspired . . . In this book Simple Things, author Lori Nawyn provides an outstanding template for each day of the new year and shows how the little things we do each day can make huge changes in our lives. Her goal is to help the reader understand that they truly are a child of God and that they can 'claim the privilege of living life to the fullest.'  Author Nawyn shares quotes, scriptures, personal stories, recipes, activity ideas, personal improvement suggestions and much much more within the pages of this book, but not only that she shares truths and principles of the gospel that are near and dear to her heart. This is not just a book to read, it's a book to experience."—Michele Ashman Bell, author A Candle in the Window and The Butterfly Box Series

"A great book for any of the women in your life! I like the idea of focusing on a theme each month and more fully enjoying that area of your life. The inspiring daily messages are a great way to begin and/or end your day. It wouldn't hurt for us men to learn something from the lessons in this book as well!" —Jeff Scott, husband, father, owner Scott and Associates

"I've read other daily inspirational books before, but Simple Things stands out to me because it weaves simple yet profound LDS gospel principles throughout its passages. I can relate to the author's struggles. She manages to be both vulnerable yet hopeful. Through her stories and others', I know I can overcome my own challenges as well. I loved being reminded of the beauty of each season and little things that can make a huge impact on my life and my outlook. The recipes are a fun addition!" Jewel Allen, owner Treasured Stories ~ Memoir Writing 

"Lori Nawyn’s Simple Things is a book meant to be read one small section at a time. It is divided into twelve chapters, one for every month. Each month has a theme and every day of the month has a separate entry. The theme is developed with anecdotes and scriptures as well as references to art, literature and history. Creative lists of activities designed to strengthen the principle are included in each chapter. While accomplishing everything on the list is not the goal, the reader can choose activities that appeal to them or meet a specific need. And, in a delicious conclusion to each chapter, Nawyn includes tempting recipes. Hint: February’s all use chocolate as a main ingredient.

There are many prompts for self-insight included in this book. Personally, I’m looking forward to tackling one of Nawyn’s challenges in particular: “Write who you are in 25 words or less.” Nawyn’s writing style is clear and concise. This is a positive and uplifting book and would make a perfect gift for the women in your life, regardless of age, and regardless of the season. Just turn to today’s date for an engaging, thought-provoking read. And when you’re done, you may want to start all over again."—Janet Jensen, author Don't You Marry the Mormon Boys and The Book Lover's Cookbook

“It’s simple, yet powerful!  I loved the daily dose of inspiration combined with fresh lifestyle ideas.  
As a busy mom, I loved how Lori Nawyn broke down stories of hope, fresh lifestyle ideas, and spiritual refreshment into a powerful easy to apply formula. So many of us are looking for the inspiration without having to invest in complex effort and this book brilliantly provides the encouragement in a daily dose.” Karen Eddington, Self-Worth Analyst

"I expected Simple Things to be a self-help book, encouraging women to embrace their value as Daughters of God. As I read it, I realized it is a life-help book with eternal implications. Through scriptures, stories and suggestions Lori has created a daily guide for all women. And then there are the books, recipes and quotations that entertain, enlighten and encourage women to try something new and enjoy each day. I recommend it as a great read and a valuable guide." Robyn Buttars, author Christmas Rose and Country Tied

"This book spoke to me in so many ways. I’d find myself looking for a pencil and paper so I could jot down something that I wanted to remember." —Kathi Oram Peterson, author Wanted, Cold Justice, River Whispers