March 7, 2017

Chicken Tracks

Chickens in the studio today from my new Chicken Tracks Collection.

March 3, 2017

Oregon Sea Lion

A little bit of the coast!

This piece and many others in my travel collections
are now available for licensing. 

February 28, 2017

New Year ... New Collections

Between shoveling snow and hammering nails I'm working on several new collections for licensing. Flamingo Road (more on the name and characters at a future date) features two flamingos and their celebration of life and living. This piece is called Time for Tea and lends itself well to tableware and giftware, as well as many items of home and yard decor.

January 9, 2017

Hello January

Copyright 2016 Lori Nawyn

Making friends with the wintery days of January!

November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving: Seeing With Our Heart

In her younger years, Agnes Rebecca would have been a good model for a porcelain doll. Albeit, I believed, one that looked a bit dour. As she grew old, bright copper hued wisps of softly curling hair framed her aged face. Her graying eyebrows were penciled in, coal black. A rigid line of red lipstick was drawn across lips that seemed to seldom bestow a smile. Prim circles of rouge rode high on her cheeks. Severing fact from fiction she wasn't afraid to speak her own mind—to the extent some people avoided her.

I was one of them.

Agnes was my great-aunt by marriage, and at family gatherings I cut her a wide berth. I was never quite certain how she felt about me. I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. It took challenging circumstances in my own life to soften my heart toward her. Our second daughter was born ten weeks premature. We weren’t able to bring her home from the hospital for nearly two and a half months. Released just prior to her first Thanksgiving, she weighed barely four pounds. I was a nervous wreck. Since our baby was still too weak to suck, we had to feed her with a gavage tube. At night I sat and kept watch, making certain she was still breathing. Since she wasn't able to issue much of a cry, in the daytime I hovered over her, wringing my hands and worrying I’d miss if she needed something. 

Sequestered in the far corner of a small family gathering on Thanksgiving Day and, I’m sure, looking as desperate as I felt, I was sought out by none other than Agnes Rebecca. As she reached for my baby, I felt a twinge of concern. It was soon replaced by an unexpected rush of grateful admiration. Her face radiating love, my great-aunt handled our tiny daughter with gentle confidence. She comforted me with advice gleaned from her years of experience with babies. 

All my life how had I missed the fact that she’d worked as a pediatric nurse?

Every Thanksgiving thereafter, until her death, I watched with awe the sweet exchanges between my aunt and daughter. For me Thanksgiving Day now brings remembrances filled with gratitude and love for Agnes Rebecca. 

To this day I wish I would have noticed much sooner than I did what a treasure she was. 

Copyright 2012, Lori Nawyn

November 18, 2016

ALSC Art Challenge

I'm sincerely honored to have been chosen as a Top 6 Pattern Design Winner
in the Valentine's Day Design Challenge!

ALSC is home to many talented artists and designers who,
through their vision and creativity, help bring magic 
into the lives of people around the world.
I'm grateful to be a part of the ALSC creative community!

August 1, 2016

Color Study . . .

I took this photo in a candy store last June when I was in southern Utah.

I love all the fun shapes -- vintage items like the shoes mingled with tins, 
toys, soda bottles, and candy packages and jars.

It made for a great color study photo for #mygtsprep 2016.

July 29, 2016

Utah Postcards

Seagulls and sego lilies and crickets...oh my! New Utah postcards are now in the shop

July 28, 2016

Coastal Bookmark

This month's ALSC challenge is to design a coastal or beach themed bookmark.
This in my entry for the contest. Wish me luck!

September 15, 2015

God Knows My Heart

Recently, quite by accident, I discovered something I wrote over three years ago has been spread widely around the Internet. The words have been used/repurposed in several ways with various photos and or artistic elements. One use of the saying on a Christian website has been shared over 200,000 times--which is totally amazing to me.
More amazing, however, is the return of the words to me.
I've really needed them this past week or so when it seems no matter how hard I try I keep falling short. Remembering that God knows I'm doing my very best is a both a comfort and a source of badly needed strength.

May 5, 2015

Trust is Earned

My grandma Minnie loved birds. 
She was particularly fond of the sparrows that flocked to her backyard. 
On many occasions, I watched from a distance as she walked among them.
She scattered birdseed, speaking to the sparrows in a gentle voice.
They seemed to regard her with the same caring she showed to them.
They knew her well. Knew they could trust she would be kind.

May 1, 2015

Morning Light

Love painting in the morning light at my desk.


Lots of Mari dolls going out this week!

February 16, 2015

Utah Safe Kids Fair

The wonderful Linda Garner along with authors Christy Monson, Haley Freeman, and Valerie Ackley -- I'm honored to have illustrated three of these books! Please go and support these lovely ladies in their mission of helping children across the world to find hope and joy!

February 9, 2015

Awesomeness: No Apologies

Three weeks ago Saturday I broke my leg. 

The first thing I could think to write on my Facebook wall was: "So I broke my leg . . . it was awesome!"

Because, you see, awesome was how I felt.

However, I quickly found out that awesome wasn't the way other people thought I should feel.

One thought breaking my leg was somehow a cry for help. A few thought my demeanor wasn't normal; they expected I should be a shambles with tears coursing down my face. Several more thought happiness had no place in any situation were an appendage was damaged. 

Despite naysayers, my feeling of awesomeness prevailed. 

And here's why . . .

I love dogs. I love dog sledding, and my dogs (two Siberian Huskies and one German Shepherd) crave running in the snow. Even when there's little or no snow, I still want to be out with my dogs. So I exercise them with a Swiss Bike Board, a scooter of sorts with hand brakes, that they pull. My daughter and I have taken our dogs and boards down steep mountainsides and on rocky trails. The feeling of working with the dogs and being out in nature is exhilarating. 

The day I broke my leg I didn't have time for a trip to the mountains. I decided to take the dogs for a quick run around a few city blocks on the pavement -- something I've done numerous times before. 

The day was sunny and beautiful. The dogs were energetic and happy; I was happy. The accident happened so fast I didn't have time to react: a neighbor's dog ran out into the street and began to chase my dog, Oakleigh. Oak turned sharply to the left to respond to the barking of the other dog. When she veered, the bike board went with her. I, however, kept going straight -- for a millisecond -- until I hit the pavement. I heard my leg snap. I looked down and saw my foot bent at an odd angle back up against my leg. I didn't like that! So I reached down and tugged my leg back into alignment and used my cell phone to call for help. 

And I felt awesome. Translated: thankful to be alive and grateful my injuries weren't any worse. 

Oak had been giving it her all, traveling, we estimated, at least 20 mph. I wasn't wearing a helmet; I'd been in too much of a hurry to get outside and neglected to put on my protective gear. I hit the pavement hard, landing on my elbow. 

But my elbow wasn't broken. 

I sat there and smiled. 

I was alive. 

Over the years I'd heard of people who'd had simple accidents -- a fall off a chair or simply tipping over on their bicycle -- and died immediately. I remembered all my friends, my age and younger, who had passed away suddenly, unexpectedly in the past couple of decades, with no chance to say goodbye to their families. With no chance for a second chance.

All I had was a broken leg.

So, yes, it was awesome.

I didn't want or seek or yearn for a broken leg. But given other options of more serious injury, I'm okay with it. It is challenging, frustrating, and cumbersome. Recovery will take awhile; it will be a couple of months before I'm back on the bike board. 

But I've learned much.

My priorities have come sharply into focus. For instance, pre-accident I had this habit of dusting -- everything. Way too often. Now with three weeks dust on things and life still going on I'm wondering, "Why the heck did I spend so much time dusting?"

And there were so many things I simply, plainly took for granted. Being able to run. Being able to do anything, anytime I wanted when I wanted. Being able to wiggle all ten of my toes, five of which are presently a bit stiff and swollen. 

Can I just tell you how much love and giddy appreciation I now I have for my toes? 

Try and go without five of yours for awhile and see if you don't feel the same.

I'm also getting a chance to see what I'm really made of. I have the choice -- yes, the wonderful choice -- of staying down and feeling bad for myself OR taking stock of all I can still do. I have the choice to make friends with my weaknesses -- the physical and the emotional -- and figure out how to turn them into strengths. And the choice to celebrate each and every strength I have, physical and emotional, and express gratitude. 

I'm also grateful for the awesomeness of those I know who have given me support and encouragement. I've seen how others can cheer me on and uplift me by themselves showing gratitude for life, having faith in God and his purposes, and believing in my capabilities -- instead of telling me I should just sit down and quit. 

So awesome? Yes! And I don't apologize for feeling that way.

January 13, 2015

January 13 - A To-Live-By List to Live With

Different from want-to-do and want-to-have lists, a To-Live-By list keeps track of things that cost no money but can endow true happiness. It is a list of Christlike attributes we desire to attain and live by in pursuit of becoming our best.

Do you want to become more faithful, humble, or compassionate? More honest, charitable, or loving? Having spent too much time mired in controversy, do you seek to become a peacemaker?

The inside front cover of your journal is a great place to record the Christlike attributes you desire to attain.

My To-Live-By list includes "forgiving," "patient," and "peacemaker."

What's on your list?