February 6, 2018

February Birthday Angel

The shortest month of the year, February can nevertheless be long on blessings. In the United States, it is the month of hearts, and on National Wear Red Day women wear that color to help save lives in support of the fight against heart disease.
The Finnish word for February, Helmikuu, is said to mean “month of the pearl” because as ice droplets begin to melt and then refreeze, small pearls of ice form on tree branches.
Happy February! And if you'd like a February birthday angel card, check out the Life Dance Studios group on Facebook for more info >> http://bit.ly/2FURifF

January 26, 2018

Keep Rowing!

Life can be just plain hard.
Demands on your time. Trials of hearth and home. Friends who aren’t always friendly. Peers who are judgmental, even cruel. Your innermost fears, weaknesses and deficits, multiplied by the concern of how others perceive you. Giving up sanity and sleep for mothering and meetings and mayhem—all while trying to be your best self. Mixed emotions and weariness over parenting, relationships, friendships. Money and health worries and woes. Days that go bytoo fast or too slow. Dreams and aspirations you’ve put on hold. Feeling you’ll never measure up.
Life can be just plain exhausting.
But keep going.
Over the past two decades I’ve had many friends—friends of all ages—who’ve felt so downtrodden, so very sad and alone that they thought life wasn’t worth living anymore. I miss them with every fiber of my being! I miss their smiles. I miss their laughter. I miss all they contributed to making the world a better place—even though they themselves perceived they were of no worth.
My heart aches because I never let them know how much they meant to me; how vital and important they really were. I never did because I too have sometimes felt I have no worth and that my words don’t really matter. I never told them . . .
But I’m telling you.
You are wonderful, unique, amazing—remarkable in your abilities and your capacity to touch hearts and lives for the better. The gift of a smile, the gift of a kind word is absolutely priceless. You have unlimited worth and potential. Don’t let anyone else ever tell you otherwise!
I know life is hard. But, do this for me: Keep Rowing!
Love and hugs! ~Lori

January 25, 2018

January 23, 2018

A Forgiveness Angel...

Others can injure us emotionally and physically with rude comments, manipulative behavior, and abuse. As we realize that others are responsible for their own happiness and we are responsible for our own, we may need to reexamine or leave a relationship.
What then? Do we walk through life with our guard up, determined to never be hurt again?
If so we’re missing out on a lot. We distance ourselves from opportunities to know good and loving people. Not hardening our hearts comes through extending forgiveness. If we harbor ill feelings, if we extend any measure of energy to carry a grudge, those feelings will grow over time and hostility may settle on us like a dark, impenetrable cloud.
Forgiveness doesn’t mean acceptance or a return to mistreatment. There will always be those who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. The question is what can we do to assume responsibility for the choice we have to forgive.

January 17, 2018

Courage to Fly!

The opposite of discourage is courage—
which is exactly what life requires.
Even if you sometimes feel you
don’t have what it takes to reach
your dreams, never give up.
Conviction is the confidence that
what you believe is indeed right and
true and possible. Courage is the bravery
that bears up that conviction. All things,
even staying in your comfort zone, pose
the risk of pain and disappointment.
Yet you are always the better for trying.
In trying you strengthen your resolve
and fortify your courage.
Keep a song in your heart
hope in your wings!

January 12, 2018

Living in Joy: Savor the Moment

When did we start taking joy for granted? 

Was it when we grew up and decided we needed to act a certain way 
to meet the expectations of others? Was it when we stopped looking 
at the bright side because the glare was too intense? 
Was it when we stopped doing things that brought us delight
 because we felt we didn’t deserve to be happy? 

How did the joy of plain and simple moments get lost?

Watch a young child eat an ice cream cone. Their eyes wide with excitement. 
A grin punctuated by sweet, creamy goodness that runs down their chin. 
They don’t care if their faces and hands—or your kitchen floor—get sticky. 
The very picture of rapture, they savor the moment.

We get so caught up in sprinting toward the future where we hope 
happiness can be found we forget the present used to be the future. 
There is joy waiting in every day. Eat your meals slowly; relish the taste. 
Feel the warmth of water on your hands and face. Watch the bubbles form when you lather bath soap or dish soap. Put your hand on your stomach and feel yourself breathe.
Be aware of the comfort of the pillow under your head, the softness of the 
blanket that covers you, the crisp touch of fresh, clean sheets. 
Close your eyes and listen to the voices and laughter of your loved ones. 
Breathe in the sweet smells of babies and newborn puppies, flowers and food, 
the scent of rain and the mouthwatering aromas from the bakery.

Practice living in the moment. Savor it as the blessing it is. 
Glean joy and experience the thrill of letting it flow through you.  

January 11, 2018

Gifts of Peace

The holidays are behind us and the New Year is underway. 

As we embark on the adventures that will come, 
we need to remember to nurture ourselves and give ourselves gifts of peace.

January 9, 2018

Love Yourself the Way God Does

Trying to be someone we're not almost always ends up hurting.

If we love ourselves the way God does--
without regard for physical appearances and 
without judgment of emotional flaws and idiosyncrasies--
we can glimpse who we are truly destined to be.

January 8, 2018

January 3, 2018

The Gift of a New Year!

New beginnings can be daunting. And new years.

We place loads of expectations—resolutionson ourselves to do more and be "better." 

A lot of it has to do with the fact that the world is always ready 
to let us know how inferior we arenever talented enough, pretty enough, 
thin enough, popular enough, rich enoughand the list goes on... 

But truth is the New Year is really not a competitionit's a gift. 

A chance to celebrate life with renewed hope and faith. 

Take a deep breath and smile!

January 2, 2018

New Year...New Adventures!

Have you heard the story of the old Chinese woman who owned two large ceramic pots? The pots hung at the ends of a pole she carried on her shoulders. Every day she traveled to a stream for water. While one pot consistently carried its full measure, the other pot was cracked. Each time the woman returned home, it was only half full.
For years the woman made the trek to the stream. The perfect pot never failed to bear its load. The cracked pot was embarrassed of its imperfection, unhappy it was able to do only half of what the other pot did. Ashamed of its perceived failure, it confessed its sense of worthlessness to the woman. She, however, didn’t view the pot as less valuable.
“Did you see the flowers on your side of the path? There are no flowers on other pot’s side. I knew of your flaw, and so I planted flower seeds on your side of the path. Every day while I walk back you water them. Because of you being the way you are, I have beautiful flowers.”
Like the cracked pot, we all have imperfections. It’s those imperfections—those flaws—which make us unique. Often we find the good in others but overlook it in ourselves. We may perceive the lives of those around us as worthwhile, interesting, and admirable. Yet we view our own lives and selves as far less.
In this New Year, may you embark on the adventure of seeing yourself as full of promise and beauty with unique characteristics and skills that can enrich your life and the lives of all who have the blessing of knowing you.
Happy New Year!

December 6, 2017

A Very Huckleberry Moose Christmas!

Our first gift public gift show in a loooong time! 

If you're in Utah's Cache Valley this weekend,
December 9 from 10 until 2,
drop on past the Pine Valley Lodge and say hi.

We'll have oodles of fun Christmas decor
like our whimsical Huckleberry Moose line!

November 11, 2017

November 7, 2017

Santa Chicken

Whimsical Santa Chicken card, one of the new 2017 Christmas line up now in the Etsy shop!

October 23, 2017


When my Uncle disappeared on October 11, I felt my heart sink. I felt panic; I felt fear. Those emotions cascaded into guilt--why couldn't I have helped more? Why couldn't I have helped bring him home alive?

Through the course of the coming week, however, through the examples of others, prayers lifted heavenward and hearts knit in unity, I remembered . . . hope.

The dictionary defines hope as, "The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best."

At first it seemed that nothing turned out for the best--my uncle did not live to continue his mortal life. Yet miraculously my heart opened to the fact that somehow, someway, things indeed turned out for the best. Not, perhaps, an earthly mortal-desire best, but a higher best. A this-has-God's-hand-in-it best. A God-hasn't-forgotten-my-uncle-or-us best. A best that healed and comforted; a best that yielded miracles.

Hope, I was gently reminded, has been a life-giving verb in my life. Making it possible for me to live each day looking forward--heavenward--with a least a modicum of confidence the best will be discovered.

Hope against hope, to continue to hope, although the outlook does not warrant it.

Even when I haven't been able to have faith in others, or often not in myself, hope has stepped in and carried me onward. And as I look back, the best--often many higher bests--were mercifully attained.

Over a decade ago, when my grandparents and friend Stacey died, I felt a great need to draw my angels--Faith, Hope, and Charity--winged female figures who I shared with those in need. One of them--a female HOPE angel--is on the pages of the book I illustrated for the survivors of the Sandy Hook tragedy. I am so deeply grateful for the comfort I've been told she has brought to those seeking hope for a better world, hope for a better tomorrow . . . hope in seeking the goodness we all so desperately need in our lives.

I've often thought of angels as female figures, but with the passing of my uncle I realized angels are male figures as well. I needed one to remind me of my uncle...and, yet again, of hope and how vital it is.

I offer this angel with love to anyone who needs to feel the light of hope. You have my permission to  share it on social media with friends and family and even strangers, or print it out for yourself or someone in need. All I ask is that you give it freely just as I'm giving it to you and that it not be used for commercial purposes. You can copy and print it from my Free Printables Page.

Love and all best to you,


October 5, 2017

October 2, 2017

September 22, 2017

Crow's Happy Halloween!

A few lights inserted in this lantern to help lend a spooky glow!

September 20, 2017

Halloween Hello!

New Halloween printable now available in the Etsy shop.

August 25, 2017

Christmas Joy!

Working on a few Christmas flag designs...

August 15, 2017

Addie and Sage Nutcracker Fabrics

Having lots of fun with Christmas fabrics this week!

Addie and Sage Nutcracker Sweets.

June 7, 2017

Safe Travels

Summer means road trips and camping and enjoying life to the fullest.
Safe travels to you as you seek adventure and follow your dreams!

May 18, 2017